UDC 502/504
Biblid: 0543-3657, 64 (2013)
Vol. 64, No 1150, pp. 92-101

Pregledni članak
Received: 07 Feb 2013
Accepted: 01 Jan 1970


Jović Željko M. (Bezbednosno-informativna agencija, Beograd), jovicze@gmail.com

The subject of the paper is to perceive the important aspects of the contemporary environmental crisis and especially the cause of its origin, what results in the deviations, which have appeared in the process of accelerated and excessive industrialisation of the modern society. Apart from presenting the development of the environmental crisis and pointing to its climax at the present time, the authors aims to point out its key consequences or actually negative effects, which could exert a great impact not only on the considerable lowering of the quality of life of the man in the future, but also on the survival of the Earth itself and the whole mankind. Concerning this as one of the specific consequences of the environmental crisis, there have emerged radical ideologies. Intending to protect the nature and the living world their activities and possible responses to the existing system of values are focused on the use of violence, terrorist methods and weapons.

Keywords: Environmental crisis, violence, terrorism, direct action, radical environmental movements