UDC 323.1(430)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 64 (2013)
Vol. 64, No 1151, pp. 37-50

Izvorni naučni rad
Received: 02 Sep 2013
Accepted: 01 Jan 1970


Radaković Milovan (Naučni saradnik u Institutu za međunarodnu politiku i privredu u Beogradu), mradakovic@diplomacy.bg.ac.rs

Germany is today the first economy of Europe. A nation that leaves no one indifferent has managed to establish itself through the EU, thus becoming one of the most influential countries in the world. Germany’s contribution to world politics, economy and culture, as well as its present significance make consideration of the Germans, their country, identity, their understanding of organization and the strength and Germanic spirit very pertinent. The Europeans have always followed the rise of the German state with respect and caution, given the historical constellation.

Keywords: Germans, Germany, identity, nation, organization, power, spirit