UDC 338.47(497.16)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 64 (2013)
Vol. 64, No 1152, pp. 234-244

Pregledni članak
Received: 19 Aug 2013
Accepted: 01 Jan 1970


Dedović Ljubinko (Univerzitet Crne Gore, Ekonomski fakultet Podgiorica, Crna Gora), ljubinkode@hotmail.com

In the Montenegrin situation, because of a chronic lack of accumulation and a number of hereditary problems, the implementation of the transport policy that would be in the frame of philosophy of the transport development in the EU member states, as well as within the frame of the achievement of well-defined strategic goals, could present an aporia. Therefore, this paper presents a global rating of the Montenegrin transport system and transport policy with an emphasis on some controversial issues of the transport policy (the role of the state, liberalization, privatization, environmental aspect, the positioning of the Port of Bar, a review of the possibilities for Bar-Belgrade route to be listed with pan-European corridors, the issue of traffic prioritization and construction of highways and so on).

Keywords: Montenegro, transport policy, liberalization, transport corridors, railway, port of Bar