UDC 327:316.722(4-672EU:497.11)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 65 (2014)
Vol. 65, No 1153-1154, pp. 90-112

Original scientific paper
Received: 15 Jan 2014
Accepted: 15 Feb 2014


Nedeljković Stefan (Stefan Nedeljković, saradnik u nastavi i student doktorskih studija na Fakultetu političkih nauka, Univerziteta u Beogradu), nedeljkovic_stefan@yahoo.com

This text is analyzing the use of theoretical approaches to the process of Europeanization, especially the rational choice institutionalism and normative institutionalism, on example of Serbia. The whole process of Europeanization is set in the context of wider process of European integration of the Western Balkans region, and the text is reveiling the deepest interests, which guide the European Union and Serbia in this very process. This approach to the process of Europeanization shows the characteristics of the Serbian path towards EU, and a special attention is paid to the political conditionality, which the European Union is using against Serbia, as a country that wishes to join it. The text is especially dealing with the clarity and the speed of rewarding, as well as centrifugal forces of the process itself.

Keywords: Europeanization, political conditionality, Kosovo, institutionalism of rational choice, normative institutionalism, credibility