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Biblid: 0543-3657, 66 (2015)
Vol. 66, No 1157, pp. 5-18

Original scientific paper
Received: 12 Jan 2015
Accepted: 12 Feb 2015


Ferjan Igor (Igor Ferjan, General Secretary B&H “RDF”, The Reconstruction and Development Fund Geneve), igorferjan@hotmail.com

Attraction of investments from abroad, today represent interest of every country, both developed as well as developing countries. Considering today’s economic crisis, each country in particular is trying to attract investments and it sets investment attraction as the modality for overcoming the crisis. To succeeded, countries in various ways engage individuals and groups from government and NGO sector, but a key role in attracting foreign direct investments is left to diplomacy, especially to economic diplomacy. Therefore, the primary goal of this article is the affirmation of economic diplomacy and its role on attraction of foreign direct investment, but to meet this goal, the article present the concept of economic diplomacy and investment, as well as place in relation the promotion of economic diplomacy and attraction of foreign direct investments. During scientific reasoning, proving set hypothesis, and researching the role of economic diplomacy on attraction of foreign direct investments, special attention is committed to the relation of economic diplomacy and promotion and attraction of foreign direct investment. At the end of the article author adduce measures how to pave the way for attracting foreign investments with quality economic diplomats.

Keywords: investment, FDI, economic diplomacy, diplomats, diplomacy, state