UDC 339.923:061.1EU(091)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 66 (2015)
Vol. 66, No 1157, pp. 60-72

Review paper
Received: 04 Feb 2015
Accepted: 04 Mar 2015


Lopandić Dr Duško (Dr Duško Lopandić, Ambasador, Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova),

Previous attempts of European uniting were violnet. Rome, Frankish empire, Napoleon\'s empire were product of warrior spirit, based on the will of the warring fighter. European Community was different. It was creation of politicians, traders, bankers and lawyers, based on the ideas of free market, documents, commercial contracts, letters of credit, business freedom, and guarantees of business word. The idea of European unification intensively developed at the beginning of the twentieth century through Briand’s project of the European Union federal; Spinelli’s Manifesto for a free and united Europe; the Federal Union of European nations; Churchill\'s idea of United States of Europe. A concrete result of the formation of European Economic Community (later European Union) occurs after the second world war as the result of four factors: dramatic wartime destruction of European countries, efforts of France and Germany to find a post-war modus vivendi, prewar ideological movements for European integration, and the beginning of American Cold War policy.

Keywords: Europe, European Community, free market, European integration, European Union