UDC 323.1(477)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 72 (2018)
Vol. 69, No 1172, pp. 27-51

Original scientific paper
Received: 20 Sep 2018
Accepted: 20 Oct 2018


Jović-Lazić Ana (Dr Ana Jović-Lazić, naučni saradnik, Institut za međunarodnu politiku i privredu, Beograd),
Lađevac Ivona (Mr Ivona Lađevac, istraživač saradnik, Institut za međunarodnu politiku i privredu, Beograd)

The article focuses on evolution, outcomes and consequences of the Ukrainian crisis. this crisis, as the most serious security challenge in Europe since the end of the Cold War, dramatically worsened relations between Russia on the one side and the West on the other and left far-reaching negative consequences for international relations as a whole. the goals of this article are the analysis of the specific circumstances, interests and position of both Ukraine and the key international actors that have led to the Ukrainian crisis and will affect its further development. the attitudes of the key international actors, as well as the formulation of appropriate policies towards Ukraine, are the most demanding tasks and a test of the capabilities and limitations of a common approach and cooperation of the international community in resolving the security challenges in the PostSoviet space.

Keywords: Ukraine, Ukrainian crisis, the annexation of Crimea, conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia, the european Union, the West