UDC 321.6/.7(8)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 72 (2021)
Vol. 72, No 1183, pp. 87-105
DOI: https://doi.org/10.18485/iipe_mp.2021.72.1183.5

Review paper
Received: 02 Oct 2021
Accepted: 18 Oct 2021

The Validity of Slobodan Jovanović’s Research for Latin American Countries in the Digital Era

Dujić Ivan (Ivan Dujić, naučni saradnik, Institut za međunarodnu politiku i privredu), ivan@diplomacy.bg.ac.rs

The goal of this study is to respond to an intriguing question that has been the focus of Slobodan Jovanović’s research: Is dictatorship a common denominator for European countries during and after the two world wars, as well as for Latin American countries during and after the Cold War ended in the digital era? The paper draws on the hypothesis that in the interwar period, Jovanović built the foundation for more advanced and comprehensive research into a state and its internal integration processes. With this claim in mind, one can discuss the validity of Jovanović’s research. The conclusion is based on the statement that during the global migration and simultaneous health crisis, the countries should maintain close cooperation in order to ensure the survival of democracy and the prevention of dictatorships both in European and Latin American countries.

Keywords: Slobodan Jovanović, the interwar period, the Cold War, the postCold War, democracy, dictatorship, European countries, Latin American countries