Aims and Scope

International Politics is a peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal published by the Institute of International Politics, a leading scientific institution in the region dedicated to the research of international relations. This interdisciplinary journal has been publishing original, analytical, theoretical, review, and expert papers on a wide range of topics in contemporary international political, economic, and legal relations for more than 70 years. The journal International Politics aims to publish high-quality research on a wide range of international and foreign policy issues in its three yearly issues. In that context, the journal investigates the policies of the most important actors who shape contemporary international relations. Topics dedicated to various territorial and ethnic conflicts and disputes, from interstate to intrastate, as well as their wider regional and global political, economic, and legal implications, are also relevant. Other issues affecting contemporary international relations are also significant for the journal, such as global trade, economic and energy relations, international and regional integration, various forms of terrorism and fundamentalism, as well as the challenges posed by the migrant crisis, the global spread of infectious diseases, and nuclear capacity in the world. Therefore, this scientific journal is based on an open and broad approach to the subject area, prioritizing contributions that offer open, theoretically, and practically grounded points of view on current international processes. In this way, the journal tries to explain diverse and insufficiently researched phenomena on the international stage.