Authors obligations

Authors warrant that manuscripts represent their original contributions, which have not been published before and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Simultaneous enrollment of the same manuscript in several journals represents a violation of ethical standards. Such a manuscript is immediately excluded from further consideration. The authors also guarantee that after the manuscript is published in the journal International Politics, it will not be published in any other publication or journal without the copyright holder’s permission.

In the case that the submitted manuscript is the result of a scientific research project or that, in the previous version, it was presented at a conference in the form of an oral presentation (under the same or similar title), more detailed information about projects, conferences, and the like should be listed in the footnote at the very beginning of the manuscript. An article published in another journal cannot be reprinted in International Politics.

Authors must adhere to the applicable ethical standards related to scientific research work. Authors guarantee that their manuscripts do not contain unfounded or illegal claims and do not violate the rights of others. The publisher will not bear responsibility in the case of any requests for damages.

Content of articles

An article should contain enough details and references to allow reviewers and readers to verify the claims presented. Intentionally making false claims is a violation of ethical standards. Conferences and book reviews must be accurate and objective.

Authors bear all responsibility for the content of submitted manuscripts. They are obliged, if necessary, to obtain the consent of all persons or institutions that directly participated in the research presented in the manuscript before its publication.

Authors who wish to include illustrations, tables, or other materials that have already been published elsewhere are obliged to obtain consent from copyright holders. Material for which no such proof has been submitted will be considered the author’s original work.


Authors are obliged to list as authors only those persons who have significantly contributed to the content of the manuscript, i.e., all persons who have contributed considerably to the content of the manuscript must be cited as authors. If other persons who are not authors have participated in essential aspects of the research project and the manuscript preparation, their contributions should be mentioned in a note or acknowledgment.

Citation of sources

Authors are obliged to correctly cite sources that have significantly influenced research and manuscript content. The information obtained in private conversations or correspondence with third parties may not be used without the express written permission of the source.

Conflicts of interest

Authors are obliged to indicate financial or any other conflicts of interest that could affect the presented results and interpretations.

Errors in published articles

If an author finds an important error in their article after it has been published, they are required to notify the editor or publisher immediately and cooperate with them to withdraw the article or correct the article.

By submitting the manuscript to the editorial office of International Politics, the authors commit to complying with the stated obligations.