Plagiarism, i.e., taking other people’s ideas, words, or other forms of creative expression and presenting them as one’s own, is a gross violation of scientific and publishing ethics. Plagiarism can also include copyright infringement, which is punishable by law. Plagiarism includes the following:

  • Verbatim or nearly verbatim copying or intentional paraphrasing (to hide plagiarism) of parts of other authors’ works without clearly indicating the source or labeling the copied fragments (for example, by using quotation marks);
  • Copying pictures or tables from other people’s work without proper attribution of the source and/or without the permission of the author or copyright holders.

Manuscripts, where there is a clear indication of plagiarism, will be automatically rejected and their authors will be permanently banned from publishing in the journal.

If it is found that the article published in the journal is plagiarized, the article will be withdrawn in accordance with the procedure described under Retraction Policy , and the authors will be permanently prohibited from publishing in the journal.